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东莞港沙田港区西大坦作业区岸线总长4.2公里,由best365体育官网平台 集团(简称港务集团)主导开发。2018年升格为市属重点国企,注册资本金19.97亿元,负责统筹开发东莞港核心资源。best365体育官网平台 集团正积极围绕做强供应链、畅通物流链、拓展贸易链和完善金融链,全力打造“海港+空港+商贸港”,积极转型为外贸综合服务企业,为推动外经贸在塑造东莞发展新优势中发挥更加积极的作用,为建设“湾区都市,品质东莞”作出更大的贡献。

Dongguan Port Group, the key municipal state-owned enterprise charged with construction of the Dongguan port, is responsible for the overall development of  core resources in Dongguan Port. After 15 years of development, a business development pattern has gradually formed, establishing the wharf as the main industry, the wharf is complemented by bonded warehouses,  supported by a robust supply chain, and guaranteed by public utilities. Through the domestic and foreign trade routes of Dongguan Port and the extensive collection and distribution network, goods can be promptly delivered to every corner of the world. Dongguan Bonded Logistics Centre, located in the port area, is the first park in Dongguan to benefit from a special national policy. The total value of goods in and out of the park ranks it first in the country, amongst logistics park of its kind. It serves more than 3,500 Dongguan manufacturing enterprises and many well-known international logistics enterprises, year after year.

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