About Me

Hi, I’m Jane. I’m the wife of Allan and the mother of Cohen (6) and Paige (4). I’m also still … ME!

A bit of background. I grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in a middle class family as an only child. I headed to Boston in 1994 and spent 4 years at Boston University getting a BA in Communication.

I met Allan about a year after graduation. I was working in a big Real Estate office in downtown Boston, and he was finishing up a Business degree. We dated for a couple of years, doing the day to day – working, socializing, weekends away. But we were, frankly, craving a more exciting life.

We decided that by next winter we would rather be somewhere digging our toes into warm sand. This gave us some pretty good incentive to work and save, and with our goal in mind we did both really well!

We applied to do an exchange to Australia, got accepted, and by the end of summer things were falling into place. We had money saved, and had done a lot of research. We had some good ideas about where to find work, so in late October of 2002 we flew to Perth, the capital of Western Australia.


The next year flew by as we picked up casual work in restaurants, picking grapes and even a stint of working on a commercial fishing boat!  It was year that brought us closer together than we could have imagined, and gave us some great memories.

Back in the US again, we got more serious about our careers.  I went into Real Estate and Allan started a software business.  We settled down, bought a house, and in 2007 I was pregnant with Cohen. Paige came along a couple of years later.  We got our Golden Retriever, Benny, and the family was complete!

Life as a stay-at-home mom is quite the ride.  This blog is both to share my story and to comment on life as it unfolds.